Wide as the WindWIDE AS THE WIND

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Print ISBN: 978-1-941799-38-3 | eBook ISBN: 978-1-941799-39-0 | 220 pgs - 5.83 in. x 8.27 in.
Publication Date: October 1, 2016, Open Books Press

The story of a boy, a girl, their island, and how they saved it.

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Read an essay by Edward Stanton on the new Disney movie Moana and the environment..

"Wide as the Wind is a lyrically crafted novel of love and adventure as well as a cautionary tale for the survival of the earth and our human species." 
—Juan Carlos Galeano, poet and environmentalist

"This novel transports us to an island world outside time and urgently relevant to us in 21st  century."
— Leatha Kendrick, author, Almanac of the Invisible

"The novel will publicize the need for care of the planet’s environment."
— John Flenley and Paul Bahn, authors of The Enigmas of Easter Island


Roas of Stars to Santiago book coverROAD OF STARS TO SANTIAGO

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His life was a shambles, he felt exhausted by work, his marriage was foundering. So he prepared a backpack, found a walking staff and departed on a 30-day, 500-mile journey along the Camino de Santiago, the route across northern Spain that has been followed by pilgrims for at least a thousand years. He knew what he was fleeing from, not what he was seeking. The Camino would teach him that and many other things.

“The journey to Santiago de Compostela has beckoned pilgrims through the ages. Edward Stanton has joined this host of believers and recounts his adventures with stylish conviction.” — James A. Michener (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction)

Edward Stanton’s Road of Stars to Santiago was named by the New York Times as one of the two best books on the pilgrimage.


Hemingway and Spain book coverHEMINGWAY AND SPAIN: A PURSUIT

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Edward Stanton follows Ernesto’s footsteps across Spain some twenty years after the writer’s death, shows the changes in the land and the people, and illuminates the author’s works about the place he called “the last good country.”

"...Stanton, in a book that combines luminous travel writing with literary criticism, explores the...territory of the writer’s psyche [Spain], a country that he loved better than any other after his own." — Joseph Coates, Chicago Tribune

“Edward Stanton’s Hemingway and Spain is an informative, sensitive, beautiful book that is impossible to put down. With every word of this unusual study, the author displays an impressive knowledge of Spanish language and culture and the respect Ernest Hemingway felt for them... The most valuable chapter in the book addresses For Whom the Bell Tolls, for which Stanton provides the best discussion in print... No one should ever read or teach Hemingway’s Spanish novel without a careful reading of Stanton’s book, for here, in unpretentious, clear prose, is the most profound understanding of the Spanish background of the novel available. Hemingway and Spain is an essential book, with none of the inflated rhetoric of recent criticism and theory, a study filled with knowledge and sensitivity and uncommon good sense that will take its place among the important books on Hemingway." — James Nagel, Modern Fiction Studies

Arabic Version of The Tragic MythArabic version of The Tragic Myth









Espana book coverSpanish version of Hemingway and Spain: A Pursuit

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(Spanish version of Road of Stars)